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A Walk In The Park || Las Vegas

Design Team: Sugar & Fluff Design House || Flowers: Layers of Lovely || Make Up: Piper from Allure Express || Stylist: Ashley Taddei Styling || Hosts: Abi Q & Richelle Dante || Sponsors : Kiss Wedding Books, VSCO, Pixel 2 Canvas

Laura -! You are so gifted and these are digital? You are amazing at making it look like film, so so amazing! :)

Aria - you’re crazy good, girlie! love every single post.

Tauri - These are so far beyond incredible. Share your talents with me girl! :)

kristy / wrecklesscreative - amazing. so lovely. the colors are exquisite. the style, perfetto.

Anna - Ciara!
I feel like I kind of know you, because I’ve heard so many wonderful things about you from Danielle! So I love following your blog, you are amazingly talented!
I was wondering if you remember where in Las Vegas you went for this shoot. Even just remembering landmarks, or casinos that you passed in the area would help.
I live down here, and want to get our family photos taken soon, and this is the exact kind of backdrop I’m picturing.
Thanks so much!
Anna Doyle

Jess - One of my very favorites of yours. :)

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