Cannot say enough good things about these two. The love they possess is nothing but sweet and true. They opened right up and shared it with me, creating some delightful photos.

I hope everyone had a splendid Thanksgiving. I know we surely did. And though Thanksgiving has come and gone, I think the “Thankful” season should stick around, joined with the “Giving” season. I am truly grateful for loving families, especially mine. 😉 We have been oh so blessed. I know there a families out there that long for their own child, families that are struggling to feed and cloth their little ones, families that are broken and are going through a tough time. We all have our own trials, but the truth of the matter is we are all family and we all need to help one another out. It can be befriending a lonely old lady or dropping off a grocery bag to a family in need, even just a smile. Let’s just remember what this season truly is all about.

Andrew and Heidi’s wedding was full of love and joy. It was a pleasure to share such a special day with them. And to see the way her dad teared up as they drove off was so endearing. Nothing but love here.