On this beautiful, humid day in Houston, Texas, my gorgeous sister-in-law married one of our good friends. In fact, it’s one of Brett’s best friends (and of course Brett takes all the credit for hooking them up). Matt and Allison have known each other for several years. They would hang out here and there together, always enjoying each others company. Well years came and went and finally the starts aligned and they decided to get hitched. And we all are so thrilled they did!

Though I’m somewhat grown up, I still like to play dress up. This time we turned the already beautiful Nicole into a lovely, southern belle. Of course I couldn’t have done any of this with out my trustee right-hand woman, Steph. It was quite the fun shoot, filled with good laughs, creepy voices, and a scare of being stranded. Good times.

* Now to meet the hatter behind the madness, Steph. She is wicked good at what she does and oh so fun to hang with.

She even watches for cars so I don’t get hit while in the middle of the road. What a pal.